Interior Pipe Lining

Michael J. Gallagher Inc. | Sayville,NY | Interior Pipe Lining

Underground pipes are great for the service they can provide while being out of sight and out of the way. Over time, though, problems can develop in the piping, requiring repairs and re-lining.

That is when you need to call on the professional team at Michael J. Gallagher Inc. We are the experts in interior pipe lining in Long Island, NY. Our services can restore your pipes to full function without the need for costly major excavation work.

At Michael J. Gallagher Inc., our affordable services can help restore the flow through sewer and water pipes in your residence or business. We specialize in quality pipe lining that will restore the interior surface of the pipes so they will not have to be replaced.

If you have old rusted or corroded pipes, we can clean them to look new again. This also helps with preventing any future damage and/or rust.

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